Raymond has signed to new talent agent Sean Holmes. Sean came across Raymonds profile on Mandy.com and approached him offering representation.

After meeting with Sean, Raymond was very eager to work with him. 

Sean has a great work ethic and is driven he is passionate about all his clients and works extremely hard for them. 

My final film from The New York Film Academy 

the fighter nyfa project film still


Staring David Carter & Raymond Nolan

Directed by Rob Roy

Cinematography by Miguel Garzon Martiez

It was great to meet Stephen Kay and Piper Perabo at The New York Film Academy Today. The Coyote Ugly star talked about how passionate she is about acting and how much trust Christopher Nolan has in his actors when she worked with him on The Prestige. The Get Carter director gave some valuble information on how important it is to be nice to work with in order to maintain a career in the business.

Raymond Nolan

After an amazing year I graduated from the New York Film Academy's Acting Conservatory. It was the first step in a life long dream to come to New York and train as an actor. Over the year I have met some amazing people made lifelong friends and have been thought by some of the best instructors. I will miss everyone who is leaving New York, and I look forward to getting to know the people who are staying more. But now as I start my OPT work visa I am excited about the next chapter in this journey. Best of luck to everyone.


Star of the Cinemax show 'The Knick' Eve Hewson screened Season 2 Episode 2 of the Knick at the New York Film Academy. Afterwards she talked about how great it is to work with Clive Owen and how it was a Dream come true to work in Stephen Speilberg's 'Bridge of Spies' with Tom Hanks. 

Tony Lo Bianco and Raymond Nolan


Guest speaker Tony Lo Bianco at the New York Film Academy. He Talked about his 61 years in the business. Tony has appeared in over 100 films, tv shows stage perfromances as both actor and writer. Tony is best known for his part as Sal Boca in the 5 academy award winner movie 'The French Connection' staring along side Gene Hackman and Roy Schieder. As Ray Fernandez in the cult classic 'The Honeymoon Killers'.  'The Juror' with Demi Moore and Alec Baldwin, Blood Brothers with Richard Gere, City Heat with Clint Eastwood and Burt Reynolds, Oliver Stones 'Nixon' with Anthony Hopkins, F.I.S.T with Sylvester Stolone, Kill The Irishman with Val Kilmore, Vincent D'Onofrio, and Christopher Walken, and 'The Engagement Ring' with Lainie Kazan and Patricia Heaton. 

Writer and Producer on Boardwalk Empire Christine Chambers was a guest speaker at the New York Film Academy today. It was great to hear how she also worked on The Sopranos and Wolf of Wall Street.

A collection of photos taken for a project local photographer Adele Z. Schelling was working on.

roomates roomates roomates


She is photographing people from around the world and discovering different cultures who live together. Taken with my buddy Omar Pelaez from Lima Peru.

Guest Speaker at the New York Film Academy Joe Lisi from Third Watch, Law and Order and Blue Blood to name a few. He talked about how he got started at the age of 29 his broadway debut in the Tony award winning Take Me Out and how he maintained his job as a New York City police officer while he built his career as an actor. He showed us some clips from his upcoming movie Joe's War.

Improv Team NYFA Fall A 2015On Saturday May 14th we had a night of Improv at the New York Film Academy. Directed by the amazingly talented Katie Northlich our set consisted of a mix of long form improv and short form improv. We kicked of with a game called "memories". This is where one member of the ensamble tells a story of a made up memory. We ask the audience to suggest the story title by asking them "the day he/she ????" example: "the day he/she climbed the coconut tree and ended up on the moon". The story then starts with "one day I..." the first actor to enter becomes the protagonist and remains on the stage for the entire story and as the story progresses all the actors will enter to represent characters or things and act out the story

 At the New York Film Academy screening of Stephen Lang's new film Beyond Glory. The film follows Stephen's one man show where he plays eight medal of honour recipients. In his Q&A afterwards Stephen talks about how this show helped him get his part in James Cameron's Avatar.


Working on 'The Breakdown' today with Co. Star Neal Narluck Directed by Jamie Massa. A project for Jamie's filmmaking class at The New York Film Academy about a man who has lost everything breaksdown in his bosses office.

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