Improv Team NYFA Fall A 2015On Saturday May 14th we had a night of Improv at the New York Film Academy. Directed by the amazingly talented Katie Northlich our set consisted of a mix of long form improv and short form improv. We kicked of with a game called "memories". This is where one member of the ensamble tells a story of a made up memory. We ask the audience to suggest the story title by asking them "the day he/she ????" example: "the day he/she climbed the coconut tree and ended up on the moon". The story then starts with "one day I..." the first actor to enter becomes the protagonist and remains on the stage for the entire story and as the story progresses all the actors will enter to represent characters or things and act out the story

We than went into a long form exercise called "Character Rotation" after a suggestion from the audience one actor comes on stage initiates a scene off the suggestion. Another actor enters they play out a scene the first actor finds his way off stage and a new actor enters. This continues to rotate bringing in new characters and sometimes bringing back old characters.

The finale was a game called "Freeze Tag" after the audience suggests a place two actors come forward and start a scene from that suggestion. At any moment a member from the ensamble can shout freeze then come tag one of the actors out take their exact position and start a whole new scene.

The night was a great success we had a full house and the audience was amazing. Improv is one of the hardest art forms and nescessary for all actors to train in so it is reccomended to find out where to take class and start learning improv. It's hard but its also a lot of FUN.

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